Annual TrainingEvery year the Association hosts 3 days of classes in Castine at the Maine Maritime Academy. The last few years it’s been in late March and that seems to work out fairly well. There are classes for both novice and experienced harbor masters, and it’s an excellent chance for members to meet one another and some of the regulators and our partner agencies around the state.

The State of Maine requires that all new harbor masters complete the first year classes, and it has proven worthwhile even for our most grizzled members.

If there are any classes that you think would be beneficial to the members, please let us know and we can pursue those too.

30th Anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Association, and in celebration, we are going to have some special entertainment at the Wednesday evening dinner – annual meeting. Juston McKinney former Maine deputy with multiple Tonight Show appearances and two Comedy Central Specials will provide a real change of pace for us. Juston’s topics include marriage, kids, and his New England life.

More Information

The 2019 Application Form can be completed online, or mailed to:  State of Maine Harbor Masters Association, PO Box 1515, Scarborough, ME 04070.

There’s also a Course Listing, in draft form it will be updated as soon as a newer one is available, though the classes for the basic group remain about the same from year to year.

There are also some materials from past training presentations that might be of interest. They are sorted by format and may be of some use.

Power Point Presentations:

Harbor Master Authority
Aids to Navigation

PDF documents:

USCG Good Samaritan Guidelines
Army Corps General Permit Application
Maine’s SHIP and BIG grant programs

MS Word format:

USCG – Rules for Vessel Disposal at Sea
USCG – Anchorage Rules
USCG – Private Aids to Navigation