State of Maine Harbor Master’s Association
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The State of Maine Harbormasters Association is a member driven organization numbering 200+ harbormasters and deputy harbormasters from the New Hampshire border to Canada, maintaining unobstructed navigation on one of Maine’s natural resources, the harbors and coastline. As the 4,568 miles of coastline is used for recreation, commercial fishing, transportation and wildlife habitat, Maine coastal waters require proper organization and regulation.

Harbormasters are the municipal guardians of the waterfront, with duties ranging from harbor management and planning, mooring and dockage management, public education to emergency search and rescue operations. In coordination with local, state and federal agencies, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Maine Marine Patrol, the Association takes a proactive role in the use of the resource as well as providing a means for harbormasters throughout the state to interact on waterfront issues, and share ideas.

The Association provides continuing education for the public on a local level, and annual training for harbor masters with the cooperation of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard and many other federal, state and local agencies.  

As with any organization, we are organized under By-Laws that control our corporate behavior.

And we’ve adopted a Code of Conduct  that explains a little of how we feel we need to behave on the job.